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Gifts for the Children

School Supplies

With donations gathered, Orphanage Director Eric Mugambe was able to purchase a laptop for the children's education during the pandemic lock-downs. The children were able to return to school in January 2022 and the donations helped with school supplies. Mugambe also helps the children learn English with the Bible.

Medicine and Mosquito Repelling Machines

Mugambe and the children face many medical challenges living in the rural outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. Every year they face malaria from mosquito bites and malnourishment from lack of food or bad sources of water. A member from our church donated machines that repel mosquitos. According to Mugambe, the machines work very well to repel the mosquitos. Thank you, God! However, hunger is still a constant fight. Monthly donations help with food and medicine.

Shoes for the Children

With the donations of obedient givers, Mugambe was able to purchase shoes for the children.

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